Pacifica is in Turmoil!
Please devote some free time to save pacifica!

Pacifica radio is (was) the only major media source where the public can access unbiased, uncompromised reporting, with no hidden agenda. It is now in jeopardy, and people need to volunteer at your local Pacifica Local Advisory Board (LAB) in yourt area, and work to save Pacifica.

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History of Pacifica (quoted from Zmag, for whole article click here):
In 1949 Lew Hill, a Quaker and pacifist, along with a group of conscientious objectors, pioneered the successful concept of listener-sponsored public radio with KPFA, 94.1 FM in Berkeley. In a 1951 essay entitled "The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio," Hill held that for most of radio, the people actually involved in broadcasting (including the writer, engineer, producer, etc.) had either little or no personal relationship to the material being broadcast or the audience receiving it. Most radio production was an act in which those creating the program were making a product in order to deliver an audience to those sponsoring the program. The sponsorsí dictates were therefore paramount to outcomes. "I have been describing a fact at the level of the industry's staff; it is actually so notorious in the whole tradition and atmosphere of our radio that it precludes anyone of serious talent and reasonable sanity from offering material for broadcast, much less joining a staff. The country's best minds...shun the medium unless the possessor of one happens to be running for office." Hill felt that only by creating an institution which would support the relationship between programmer and audience could listeners obtain programming which treated them and their concerns as a subject, not as a commodity to be manipulated.