World anti-American Sentiment and Actions Grow

Anti-America protests in Greece in 1999
Due to U.S. military and economic policies, there is growing anti-American resentment around the world. Huge protests directed at U.S. globalization is not uncommon outside or inside the United States. The actions of the U.S. military and intelligence is creating mounting hatred, directed in foriegn civil wars or anti-American actions. This is much more than just "terrorist" action like the USS Cole, or Oklahoma City Federal Building. Citizens around the world are angered by America.

  • June, 2001: Bush tries to make European tour, but is unable to avoid mass protests, for issues such as breaking the Global Warming treaty, death penalty, the missile defense project.

  • Europe protests the U.S. by destroying another McDonalds.

  • Because of the U.S. bombing in Yugoslavia, the Clinton Greece visit in 1999 turned into violence protests.

  • Afterwards, Clinton announced that the US failed Greek democracy.

  • Tribesmen in Yemen destroy U.S. oil pipeline November 13, 1999.

  • 1999 November protests: US targets attacked in Greece
  • More Pictures of Greek protests, signs compare USA to Nazis:

  • Here they blew up a McDonalds in London May 2000. Some injured in police stand-off.

  • In Mexico, in 1991, PROCUP-PDLP claimed responsibility for bombings at a Citibank building, an IBM headquarters, a McDonalds and another popular restaurant in Mexico City.

  • McDonalds seeks end to bombings of McDonalds restaurants in France, April 2000.

  • Citizens around the world protest IMF imperialism in Prague, causing clahses with police. Singer Bono speaks. See more pictures.

  • The USA backed and trained death squads of El Salvador who slaughted thousands of villagers is typical policy in Latin America.
    In El Salvador:

    "Be a patriot, kill an American"

  • In Athens, two blasts outside McDonalds restaurants in Athens.

  • Workers and Environmentalists from around the world converge in Seattle for the WTO meetings

  • 1994 Zaptistas revolutionary uprising in southern Mexico, "First World, Ha Ha Ha."

  • Protests and flag burning in the Middle East, such as Iran or Palestine are also the result of U.S. destruction of Middle East democracy.

  • From book "My Spy" (p. 200), "When we arrived in El Salvador in 1966- Americans weren’t too popular- the coup in Guatemala in 1954 was still fresh in people’s minds. Everywhere you went in Latin America there seemed to be crowds chanting 'Yanqui Go Home!'".

  • In Quebec, violence flares, as Bush tries for unfair trade. See see more pictures.

    The United States was finally rejected off the U.N. human rights panel for a great many reasons.

    Bush protested on trip to Europe

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