May 2, 2001: U.S. Loses U.N. Human Rights Panel Seat

Main reasons mentioned by other U.N. countries
for rejecting the U.S. from the Human Rights Panel

  • Global Warming: the U.S. "finds itself increasingly isolated on the world stage for its rejection of the Kyoto treaty."

  • The August 20, 1998 bombing of the Sudan children's pharmaceutical plant, with no justification.

  • Restricting H.I.V. drugs from countries with AIDS devastation.

  • Refusal to support the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

  • Refusal to support the Ottawa Treaty (the International Treaty to Ban Landmines).

  • Extreme usage of the death penalty, which is rejected by all other western democracies.

  • Continuation to overthrow democracies and support right wing dictatorships (Brazil, Greece, Guatemla, Iran, Chili, Iraq, Columbia).

  • The U.S. manufacturers 90% of all the world's human rights violation weapons, mines, and torture devices

  • Pushing unreasonable sanctions against the civilians in Iraq.

  • Opposes the creation of the Internation War Crimes court.

  • U.S. spends more money on prisons than education, 25% of all world prisoners are American prisoners.

    Following the decision, President Bush says he doesn't understand why the U.S. was rejected, but that the U.S. will continue to promote U.S. Human rights around the world.

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