Scapegoating the Shootings on Hollywood
Can Congress get away with Murder?
July 21, 1999

Members of Congress today claimed that Hollywood has more influence over the American people than our government. They are, once again, calling for Hollywood to restrain the violence in the movies, so parents can raise kids without negative influences. These statements appeal to much of the public. By blaming Hollywood, Congress can ignore the country, without legislating any resolutions.

What influence does Congress have over the violence?

Policy from our government is destroying inner cities, and increasing the income gap. These growing pockets of poverty and violence affect us all, no matter where we live. The schools are falling apart, the drug activity is thriving, and gangs are common. The crime and gang activity is glorified in the movies, and in today's modern music.

In addition, our foreign policy demonstrates that we can get away with murder. Our government bombs somebody different a couple times a decade, after thoroughly demonizing them to the point where it is acceptable to take their lives. Hollywood, once again, follows the lead and portrays this violence against other peoples, for our enjoyment. The U.S. military backs these productions with technical support and equipment. Congress members then turn around to vindicate themselves with these empty calls to hollywood to stop the violence.

Children around the country are acting like inner city gangsters, and we are still ignoring the inner cities. The violence has become accepted, yet we don't want it to affect our children. Stopping the violence in our schools, and in our movies, can only be done by curing the problems in our cities, and in the world, by eliminating poverty, and promoting the general welfare, without war.

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