The Migraine Challenge

  • The following is the migraine headache reduction health plan.

    1. No soda. No coffee. Drink lots of liquid, either water or all natural juice. Drink continually, during the entire day, and even more during hot weather. Drink liquid before going to bed every night. Drink often during physical activities.
    2. No fast food. Eat healthy. When eating out, try ethnic foods, such as Indian and Chinese. Avoid excess animal fat.
    3. No alcohol. If you smoke or take drugs, try to quit and suffer through the withdrawals, then monitor progress. Its tough to control your headaches if other substances are already in control.
    4. Avoid over sleeping, especially in hot climates.
    5. Control your insulin levels through the day with regular eating habits. This is done easier when you avoid foods high in sugar, and snack on fruits instead.
    6. Avoid prescription drugs and strong medicines unless required.

    If you ever feel symptoms of a headache, drink liquid immediately (water preferrably), and if possible, cool down your head with something cold, or air conditioning. Take ibuprofen or advil, but do not take medicine containing caffeine if you haven't ingested caffeine already. Don't take any other drugs. If hungry, snack lightly, do not eat any heavy foods. Fruit is always a good idea.

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