The New Religion of the New World Order

Where is Jesus? Didn't Jesus throw out the moneylenders? Where is Moses? Didn't Moses end the spell of greed and false material idols? What happened to religion?

There is a new religion now, the religion of the New World Order. This religion is called Consumerism. This new religion is better than any other previous religion. It solves all your problems. Whatever your problem is, this new religion is very versatile. If you are lonely, insecure, desperate, hurt, or bored; you no longer needs to find spiritual or intellectual enlightenment. Just buys things. All sorts of things.

One buys entertainment, or toys and flashy goods. You don't need transportation, you need an automobile to show people who you really are (trademark Ford, Honda, etc). Clothes can be practical, but why bother being practical, when you can be whole again (trademark Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger). Don't bother finding inner peace, just turn on the TV. There is plenty of sex and violence to make you feel whole again. Jesus says a "gentle answer turn away wrath," but that sure isn't what Arnold Schwarzenegger says. And, we all know Arnold is bigger than Jesus. Coincidently, our major News looks more like Hollywood than a watchdog over our government, between corporate product commercials of course.

Thomas Jefferson entrusted the people to protect their own rights from the power elite, but why should you, as long as you have the right to get beer tonight (owned multinational corporation Anheuser-Busch)? Everything you need to know about life is on Football, or even better, NBC's (owned by weapons manufacturer GE) latest reality show. Do you eat healthy? Probably not, but at least the clown has red hair, or do you prefer flamed broiled? And would you like poison with that? As long as its brand name Pepsi or Coke, why not?

Ten whole hours a day, we are bombarded with flash, hype, and products. Your stereo isn't loud enough, your clothes aren't bright enough, and you are not sexy enough. You watch our product positioning movies, and listen to the music that understands you personally (trademark Sony, Time-Warner, etc). There is nothing correct about your life, because you still haven't maxed-out your credit card. Your self-worth isn't internal, its 110% external; it is your materialistic lifestyle.

The one big benefit about the new religion is that somebody is making out like a bandit. Our entire life, from birth to death, is oriented in a fashion to direct the labor of our life to the wealth of a few individuals. These individuals could care less about which Book you follow, because either way, your whole life is lived following your new Lord, international entrepreneurs.

These guys are getting richer and richer, and finding more and more ways to manipulate you to live for them. These false idols are the new profits, the new Christs of the new religion, Consumerism.

(c) 2001 Social Conscience

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