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Fascism Creeping

Those of us who are familiar with the world's history know that the old line "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" isn't just a cute phrase, but it's a fact of human nature, and its invariably proven throughout human history. Democracy was a concept started to make sure the power of the state is held within the hands of all the people, and never within a select few. As soon as power is concentrated, it is inevitably abused. This creates a cycle of creeping fascism.

Democracy means power of the people, by the people, and for the people, and the United States of America was founded on this principle. Under this principle, the people need to be informed, educated, and need the power to make the decisions for the state. When these conditions are met, Democracy can flourish. When these conditions are not met, then Democracy disappears.

Our founding fathers wanted to insure Democracy for our country. Benjamin Franklin created the public library, the purpose being no citizen will be secluded from public knowledge. He also founded the public school, the purpose being no citizen will be without a basic education.

There were other steps needed to preserve Democracy that were never taken, that were not written in the Constitution, because they could have never been predicted. This is why our founding fathers allowed the Constitution and law codes of our country to be versatile, to change to the needs of the time. If certain anti-Democratic phenomenon were foreseen by our founding fathers, they would have abolished them before they even began.

Our founding fathers could not have predicted that the corporation itself would become its own entity, with its own rights, and eventually have the ability to operate above the law. Our founding fathers could have not predicted that corporations would continue to merge, until all our press, products, and services were practically coming from the same rich elite entity of people. Our founding fathers could not have predicted that the United States would create Security Agencies to operate internally and abroad in ways which would benefits profits and lessen human rights.

If our founding fathers would have predicted the future, they may have protected us from corruption of power, but they couldn't predict the future, and they knew they couldn't predict the future, so they equipped us with the tools to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, fascism is slick, and people are trusting. People don't realize how the merging of companies can undermine Democracy. They are trusting that their government's version of "national security" is more important than human rights. The people are complacent and trusting, and don't understand their responsibilities under Democracy.

But now, the power is with the rich, and their power is growing. One day the laws themselves will protect the powerful beyond the reach of our Democracy. Before its too late, the people could stop this concentrating power, if they so realized its threat. Or, the people can be comfortable with the changes happening in their country, and trust that everything always ends up working out for the best, despite inevitabilities proven throughout time.

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