Live Minimally

In this world of exploitation, every excess means another's suffering
  • Eating meat is 100 times the resources of water and crops
  • Don't go into debt, purchase only what you need
  • SAVE, don't BUY-

    Supporting a "growth economy" is supporting a welfare state for the rich. Its bad economics, a deception furnished by large corporations.
  • Don't eat fast food, try to buy local foods, local coops
  • Recycle, don't waste

    Don't pollute

  • If you can, bike ride, walk, or skate
  • If you can, use public transportation
  • If you fill your tank, do it at night to prevent hydrocarbon pollution
  • Buy smaller cars, do you need that SUV?
  • Don't top-off, it releases hydrocarbon pollution in the air
  • carpool, and don't drive unnecessarily

    Save water, this resource is diminishing

  • Don't excess on water
  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  • Shorter showers
  • Don't flush everytime, if its yellow, let it mellow

    For yourself:

  • Don't take drugs, don't smoke
  • Don't use pharmaceutical solutions, if you don't have to
  • Let your body be natural
  • Cure ADD, hyproactivity, and depression with exercise

    Find happiness in your duty as a citizen, your duty as a human, and your love for nature... not Starbucks, or Electronics, or Formal Wear...

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