Chapter 8

How To Stop Being A Feudal Serf

Taking Responsibility for Change

Let's begin the process of bringing about social change by objectively taking a closer look at the relationship that exists between the elite and those whom they successfully manipulate and exploit.
In other words, anyone in the West whose quality of life is decreasing as a direct result of the hoaxes described earlier in the book, is not automatically a victim of exploitation.

Victimization is nevertheless very real and usually involves being totally misled or fooled about an issue, or being in a position where it is impossible to fight for change. Political prisoners rotting away behind bars are good examples of the latter form of victimization.

So although very few individuals in the West are incapable of fighting for change, almost all are victimized by the elite's misinformation and subtle programming. The degree to which everyone on the planet has been manipulated, misinformed and physically victimized by the elite's greed and ruthlessness --especially in wartime-- is intolerable. More importantly, unless they are brought under control, it is absolutely inevitable that the elite will resort to the same levels of savagery again and again!!
How many more Hiroshimas and holocausts will it take to provide the motivation for 99% of the people to exercise control over the savages who still dominate our species?

Recognizing Your Power

For years I had considered the elite too powerful, and the system too massive and bureaucratic to change. Because the elite controlled the democratic process, I had even for a time stopped voting, not out of apathy, but out of sheer frustrated awareness. Because the elite also controlled the media, I saw no possible way for individuals or even small groups to effectively challenge the elite's control. In other words, I considered myself to be one of the elite's helpless victims.

However, I no longer see the problem as insurmountable. On the contrary, getting rid of Feudalism is quite an achievable goal, and you can play a direct and valuable role.

Just as the pressure of public opinion eventually forced the government to bring about an end to the human suffering in Vietnam, so collective public opinion can, and must, bring an end to Feudalism!!

Just as stopping the Vietnam war took less than a decade, getting rid of Feudalism can be achieved in less than a decade also! It is not only possible, it is waiting to happen. The conditions providing the motivation for change are all in place due to the growing greed and selfishness of the economic elite. The conditions are in fact ideal.

Let's continue this positive line of thinking and optimistically consider some goals.

Considering Some Goals

** The long term goal should be for mankind to function symbiotically amongst ourselves, and toward other species.
** The intermediate goal must be to replace social & economic Feudalism with a system capable of bringing about an equitable prosperity for all.
** The short term goal must be the elimination of control of the media by the economic elite.

To begin the somewhat epic task of removing Feudalism, let us first consult the sages. The most important steps are the first steps, and on that point, both East and West agree.

Western philosophy comments that:
“The secret of success is getting started.”

Eastern philosophy points out that:
“The longest journey begins with the first step.”

Acknowledging The Problem and Solution

The FIRST STEP toward all three goals is to acknowledge the problem, that social and economic Feudalism stands in the way of social progress, and even world peace.

The SECOND STEP is to realize that the successful elimination of Feudalism requires that you, your relatives, your neighbors, and the people you work with must be aware of the facts.
Before realizing how people could acquire the necessary information and hence the motivation to act together as a unit, I had thought the task was hopeless. This book was written not to scorn the system or the individuals mentioned, but solely to provide the facts necessary to help initiate a democratic revival.
The more we all recognize the programming we are being continuously subjected to, the less effective it will be. Slowly, we will acquire the motivation and eventually the power to stop being "accomplices", and once and for all put an end to Feudal conditions. Ironically, until we do so, we won't deserve to enjoy the rewards and benefits of a more evolved social order.

Getting The Ball Rolling

The THIRD STEP is therefore to begin discussing the issues and conditions that you find most unjust or unbearable.
Because both the media and the government are controlled by the very people whose power we wish to diminish, initial changes will have to come using neither the media nor the electoral process. It must happen through person to person communication.
The fact, that the richest 1 percent own more assets than the bottom 90 percent, must become common knowledge!
Start by telling either a friend or a relative, TODAY!

You don't have to become a crusader to discuss the relevant issues with the people you know; you only have to be concerned about the world you pass on to your children and their children. As often as you discuss the issues with others, you will have helped not just yourself, your children, and their children, but all the abused peoples of the world, and ultimately their children.
Social and economic Feudalism has been with us a long time, but I guarantee you that when enough people start discussing the issues, independent media like the Public Broadcasting System will respond by openly airing the facts. The benefits of your efforts and discussions will gradually become more and more evident. Politicians will ultimately be forced to seriously confront the issues and make legislative changes. They can eventually be spurred into acting on behalf of the bottom 90%. Write and/or talk to your elected officials about the issues that concern you most. However, to get them working for us permanently, we must ultimately lobby for changes that would remove their dependency on the elite for campaign support!!
To involve and motivate enough people to get rid of Feudalism, it will be necessary to maximize the distribution of information such as is contained in the book.

Tell as many people as you can about this Web site.

I am only one. You are only one. Together we can move mountains. Spread the word as well as you can. The war in Vietnam came to an end because enough people cared enough to force the issue. Getting rid of feudalism can and must be accomplished in exactly the same way! Unless we as individuals help to make the preceeding facts and perspectives "common knowledge", the status quo (which means a steadily declining standard of living), is bound to continue. Your help is invaluable!! Whatever you do, don't underestimate your power to help change the world for the better. The internet has at last provided a vehicle for the bottom 90% to eliminate feudalism. Exert your influence, or let others dictate your future. The choice is yours. The more people that work together, the easier, and quicker change will come. Providing there is no profit involved, feel free to print out part, or all of the book for distribution to whomever you think may benefit from the information.

The LAST, and most important STEP, is to KEEP DISCUSSING THE ISSUES, one year, ...two years, long as it takes!!!!

As individuals, we have little or no chance of limiting the power of the elite.
Collectively, we can do it! In fact, every time you discuss the issues with anyone else, you will at last be effectively lobbying for your interests. Once the average person refuses to continue living out the role of pawn, chess as a lifestyle will come to an end.

Unless we start demanding changes, the bottom 90% of us will continue to be manipulated as pawns in a chess society.