Ryan Harvey

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50 Billion More
We need 50 billion more, of course that money could feed the poor
but don't you know, this country is at war
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Bullshit War
I ain't gonna fight in no bulltshit war
I ain't gonna die gonna kill no more
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My Wedding Day (Afghanistan)
I watched my family bleeding, my beautiful fiance, she was dying,
i took her into my arms and watched her fade away
the murderers said sorry, it was an accident, they let the cannons fire
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Until Everybody's Dead
dropping bombs on afghanistan, never looking back
the bombs are falling as they did before,
from Vietnam to El Salvador, and killing children as they fall
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Talkin' Freight Train
another train, we hopped on board, big box car, big open door
and 12 hours finally moved, it went south, we always lose
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