are not about to be prevented from doing what they want by anything as ultimately programmable as public opinion.

Mind you, in the short term the elite have found it convenient to quell domestic and world censure by allowing Congress to cut off funds while at the same time farming the work out covertly to Israel. An obvious example involves El Salvador, where Israel virtually took over America's war after the U.S. Congress supposedly shut off foreign aid back in 1977.

The fact that Israel operates as an extension of America's military machine is evident in countless ways, but the farming out of covert dirty work to bypass whatever democratic influence the American people can muster up is perhaps the most galling.

Similarly, when Congress bowed to public pressure to cut off funding to the CIA-backed Contra mercenaries, Israel (the arms merchant) stepped in to negotiate a price for the American arms being sold to Iran to obtain covert money to keep the Contras funded as usual. The arms shipment was also routed through Israel to provide a cover for the illegal activity.

Although the plot was fully exposed, the American media went into overtime to whitewash the affair. The arms sale was transposed into a patriot act by Reagan to buy freedom for the American hostages. Ollie North was transformed into a patriotic National Hero. In short, the media successfully transformed the illegal democracy-defeating deceits of the Iran-Contra affair into sweet smelling acts of patriotism that gave Americans lumps in their throats and made many proud to be American again.

The simple truth of the matter is that year after year, Israel remains the chief recipient of American "foreign aid". {B183} In fact, the rate of development of not only Israel's Aircraft Industry, but her nuclear capacity as well, should leave very little doubt as to the transfer of high level information and technology between the two elite groups.

As long as the elite have dirty work to get done, Israel will function as America's covert 51st state. In any event, it is totally meaningless for America to declare that it has no military involvement in a particular country, if in fact, the country is overrun with Israeli advisors, and supported with Israeli made military hardware. To distinguish nowadays between American and Israeli advisors and/or weaponry in 2nd and 3rd World countries should be a distinction reserved for the politically naive.

Now that Israel's role as arms merchant has been reviewed, let's examine how she has been used as a base from which to initiate unrest between Arab countries.

Dividing and Conquering the Arab Nations

The Arab threat to the Western elite's domination, was fought on many fronts. Establishing Israel as a military base in the area was merely the first step. To appreciate how the Arab threat was dealt with, it is only necessary to keep in mind one of the most fundamental aspects of diplomatic strategy, the tactic of Divide and Conquer.

Middle Eastern diplomacy provides a perfect contemporary example of this tactic whereby the Western elite used their political diplomacy and arms sales to successfully pit the Arab countries against each other to diffuse their power. All combatants become pawns of the provocateur(s). The ultimate winner of this type of strategy is the provocateur, not necessarily the combatant who wins a specific war. For example, no matter who claims victory in the Iran-Iraq war, both nations have been weakened and impoverished in countless ways by over seven years of war. On the other hand, the Western elite have grown rich from fueling the conflict with sales of arms to both sides! As the wealth and manpower of Arab nations are wasted on war, (as with Russia's loss of 20,000,000 war casualties) the threat posed by a United Arab Community decreases accordingly.

With that in mind, let's now review how Middle Eastern events unfolded after the Western elite moved into their neighborhood.

With regard to Libya:
It should be well noted that the Western press has spared no effort in discrediting Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, because he has been one of the few Arab leaders bold enough to risk bearing the brunt of American aggression in order to offer humanitarian and military support to the Palestinians who had been violently dispossessed of their property and homes. In retaliation for Qaddafi's repeated public denunciation of US Middle East policy, America began a concerted and successful media campaign to totally discredit him by making him out to be fanatical dictator willing to support terrorism. But the carefully orchestrated harassment didn't stop there.

The American navy was called in to stage a thinly veiled provocation off the coast of Libya, supposedly to defend the obscure waters of one of Libya's coastal bays for international use. The whole scenario was meant to set the stage for a media blitz at home to psychologically prepare the American people, and perhaps the world at large, for their direct premeditated aerial assassination attempt on Qaddafi's residence deep inside Libya. Qaddafi survived America's assassination attempt, but his son was injured.

At what point do assassination attempts cease to be acts of terrorism to congressmen and the American public? ...only after the "freest media in the democratic world" sugarcoats them into acts worthy of patriotic pride!!

The level of propaganda used to whitewash events like these, are typical of the propaganda campaigns carefully orchestrated to shape and control the opinions of the American public. Psychological media tricks have been refined and improved constantly, to ensure a quick predictable response from American citizenry, whose subsequent opinions are noted by the carefully controlled public opinion polls, and fed back as reinforcement.

No doubt, had America succeeded in assassinating Colonel Qaddafi there would have surfaced out of the woodwork old supporters of the previous monarch whom Qaddafi had replaced, and whom the Americans would have supplied arms to, as they did in Nicaragua to Anastasio Samosa's old thugs whom were given the euphemistic title of "Contra Freedom Fighters" by the CIA who created them.

With regard to Iran: It is now well documented public knowledge that in 1953, the CIA covertly overthrew the popularly elected leader of Iran, Dr. Mussadegh, to re-install the Shah who, like all monarchs before and after him, was a genuine elitist. To achieve this, the CIA hired street gangs to kick in the windows of any car on the street which did not prominently display a picture of the Shah. These and other CIA funded tactics intimidated Dr. Mussadegh and caused him to flee for his life after the mob completely destroyed his headquarters.

The CIA then immediately flew the puppet Shah back into Iran to take over the country, and proceeded to quickly arm him to the teeth, as they were also doing with Israel. What the CIA did not count on, however, was that a severe fundamentalist backlash headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini would eventually return power to the Iranian people.

When the Shah realized that his days were numbered, he literally robbed the nation of billions of dollars and took the wealth out of the country. As the American elite were the Shah's greatest allies, much of the money stolen from the Iranian people ended up on deposit in American banks, and invested in American real estate. America not only helped the Shah to remove the nation's wealth, they refused to return the stolen wealth even after the Shah had died.

The American hostages were taken, and are being held only because America refuses to return the stolen wealth!!

After the Shah was replaced by the Ayatollah, the Western elite have had to settle for instigating Middle Eastern conflicts, and keeping them on the boil wherever they could, in an effort to keep the Arabs truly divided and conquered.

The Iran Conta affair totally exposed the divide and conquer strategy for those not totally brainwashed by American propaganda -which tried to justify the sale of arms as a means of getting back the hostages. The opposite in fact was true. It was the Reagan administration itself which bargained with the Iranians NOT to release the hostages.

Repeatedly, foreign policy is shown to be little more than chess like maneuvers designed to keep the Feudal elite in power.

The fact that Oliver North was treated as a national hero by the press for his part in assisting President Reagan's White House staff to sell arms to Iran leaves very little more to be said about Oliver North, the media, President Reagan, his appointed staff members, Israel, and the Congress.

The shooting down of the Iranian passenger jet with 290 passengers (as previously described in the media manipulation section on page 3-21) was very thinly disguised terrorism which reeked of intimidation, bullying, and vengeful retaliation.

With regard to Lebanon:
Although the lives of many innocent passers-by have been lost through car bombs exploding in the streets of Lebanon, the American public rarely hears of the documented evidence linking the CIA with this terrorist activity.

Citizens of the Middle East are also much more aware that America also supplied both moral and military support for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. In fact, it probably supplied the sky flares that the Israeli army used to turn night into day to allow the Christian Phalangists to continue throughout the night their cold blooded massacre of hundreds of men, women, and children in both the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps.

Did the Israelis learn nothing from the holocaust?
There should have been no surprise when America's own occupation of Lebanon was met with such fanatical hatred and resistance, to the point that they were even forced to abandon their embassy.

With regard to Egypt:
One might also begin to question just whose covert actions were behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat of Egypt, considering he had the same sense of nationalism as Mossadegh of Iran who was overthrown by the CIA because he intended to nationalize the

{B183} "Stingy Sam" The Economist (Mar 25 1989): p26