Iranian oil fields. In Egypt's case, nationalistic Egyptians intended to take over full control of the Suez Canal shipping lane, a responsibility the Egyptians had every legal and territorial right to assume.

With regard to Iraq:
Just when Iraq was nearing completion of her first nuclear power plant, Israel staged an unprovoked aerial attack on the plant and totally destroyed it. This act constitutes another of the more blatant acts of Israeli (American) aggression designed to keep the Arab peoples from becoming a threat to Feudal domination.

Since the first printing of this book, America has in full view of the world, quite literally bombed Iraq's civilian infrastructure, as well as it's defense infrastructure back into the middle ages.

Once again, America's media spent time preparing its citizens as well as the rest of the world to be partner to the secret slaughter it had planned. The media repeated ad nausea that not only was Saddam a terrorist madman, but that he was only months away from completing the manufacture of nuclear bombs with which to attack all Democracy and Freedom loving people.

The reality of the matter is that like "shooting fish in a barrel", the American elite quite callously took the opportunity to field test their latest hi-tech weapons, and in the process massacre about 200,000 Iraqis. The fact that America lost only about 60 soldiers, some of which were killed by their own side, should leave little doubt about the real threat Iraqi troops posed to the West. No doubt this brutal display of bullying will also serve to make other 2nd or 3rd world nations capitulate in future rather than arouse America's ire.

It should be well noted that in countries like Kuwait (which the West created less than a century ago, as it created Israel), and in Jordan where a King is still in power, Arabs are allowed to remain in power --but only because they run their countries as Feudal empires.

Because the West has its Israeli military arsenal fully entrenched, it has no more need of occupying other Arab lands, it only needs to keep the non-feudal countries hobbled.

The bottomline is that instead of the Arabs enjoying a Golden Age of Prosperity, they are pitted against each other (divided and conquered), squandering away vast sums of their oil wealth on expensive, though not the latest or the best, weapons of war.

Shuttle Diplomacy

It doesn't take much more imagination to conclude that the peace missions and shuttle diplomacy that the West initiates to find peaceful solutions to conflicts around the globe, are basically business trips to sell arms to both sides and keep the conflicts boiling. America the "Peacekeeper", has already sold vast amounts of her (ex-state of the art) military equipment throughout the Middle East, thereby making possible the equivalent of an Arab Holocaust which has ensued.

And what do you know, here we are in the 1990s already.

All in all, the Western elite achieved both their goals. Although Russia was not overtly conquered, her economic development was delayed by at least two decades through the war loss of approximately 95% of her able-bodied men between the ages of 18 to 24. Then, by initiating an arms race, the Western elite were able to keep Russia's productivity focused on military goals rather than on producing refrigerators, cars and television sets for her people. When the normally stoic Russians finally ran out of patience, an era ended.

In the Middle East, the Feudal elite were totally successful. Israel is firmly entrenched, Western oil interests in the Gulf have remained intact, and so has their indirect control over the use of the Suez canal. Lastly, the chance that Arabs would unite to threaten the dominance of the existing Feudal elite has been totally obliterated.

Therefore, if we are to learn any lessons from the past, the degree to which the allies played the covert role of PROVOCATEUR, both during and after World War II should become a topic of much further consideration, discussion and investigation. The fact that a few rich people can continue to use the bulk of humanity as expendable pawns in a chess game is intolerable.

We have to begin our assault on Feudalism as quickly as possible, because the elite are certainly not sitting idle. The next chapter is devoted to a discussion of their current strategies, which should give you even more incentive to get involved.