Recommended Movies

Critically acclaimed fact-based political drama about father's search for missing son in Latin America. Powerful performances and taut, suspense-building direction make this compulsory for fans of suspense, drama, strong character portraits.
In the Name of the Father
Grim, fact-based courtroom/prison drama about jailed Irishman accused of terrorism trying to clear family's name. Fans of serious political drama enjoy its moving performances, astute critique of social justice system.
Never Cry Wolf
Slow-paced, low-key fact-based drama about biologist studying gray wolves in remote Canada. Breathtaking cinematography, rich character development, gentle humor give this a strong following among fans of nature, drama, offbeat films.
Fast-paced, slick 80s morality tale about young stockbroker who rises via insider trading. Critics applauded the performances, astute look into world of high finance. Fans of ethical dramas enjoy.
Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
This film uncovers the web of lies and deceit that TV could not tell. Among the substantiated charges: in 1980 George Bush sold arms to the Iranians; and, a secret society of modern-day pirates wages wars around the world profiting from sales of weapons, drugs and assassinations.
The Panama Deception
Critically acclaimed political documentary about decades-long U.S. involvement in Panama. Considered controversial for its unhesitating look at media complicity in the 1989 invasion. Required viewing for documentary lovers, American history buffs.
Gritty, violent, ideologically potent political drama about American journalist in early 80s El Salvador. With its powerful lead performances, this appeals to fans of intense, confrontational drama who enjoy political overtones.
Dr. Strange Love, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Classic Cold War satire about crazed general sparking nuclear crisis. With scathing humor, timeless performances that remain razor-sharp, this is considered one of the greatest black comedies of all time.
Bestseller-based legal thriller about idealistic law school grad battling heartless insurance company. While standard-issue plot holds few surprises, Coppola and Grisham fans may enjoy the numerous engaging characters, funny-yet-moving storyline.
Satire/farce about corrupt senator becoming brutally honest after midlife-crisis. Its combination of savvy social commentary, silly pratfall humor is occasionally jarring, but political satire fans should love its originality, bravado.
Bob Roberts
Offbeat, documentary-style political parody about a right-wing, media-seducing folk singer's U.S. Senate campaign. Packs a strong punch for those who like lampooning social satire and political farce.
Three Kings
Wildly entertaining action/comedy/drama about U.S. soldiers planning gold heist at Gulf War's end. Tasty blend of outrageous comedy, thought-provoking drama, and electrifying visuals should equally please action and art-house fans.
Wag the Dog
Sly satire about scandal-plagued president's handler hiring movie producer to invent distracting world crisis. Media critics, conspiracy theorists, and fans of black humor will savor the scathing political/press in-jokes.
They Live
A political satire of the Reagan era, which starts slow and turns into an action flick. The society is in the dark as they are infiltrated by money and greed (aliens), who plan on draining the Earth's resources, just like corporate America.
All the President's Men
Deliberately paced twist on the detective thriller dramatizes true tale of journalists who uncovered Watergate break-in. Low-key, intricate period piece is still effective for drama fans, history buffs.
Tale of forbidden love in Big Brother nightmarish future is relentlessly bleak. Stifling atmosphere will likely appeal to sci-fi, romance, or drama fans in the mood for something dark.

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