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Tiding of comfort and joy,
Profits, oh boy!

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Washington, DC; Sept 28, 2002; IMF Protests

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they have the guns,
all we are is flesh and blood
but we will multiple our numbers
and drown them in our flood
yes we will... yes we will
they say they will incorporate the world
over my dead body, over my dead body,
over my dead body, over mine
Jim Page

David Rovics

Ani DiFranco's "Self Evident" otherwise called the World Trade Center song,
"you can keep the pentagon, you can keep the propaganda
and each and every TV thats trying to convince me
to participate in some prep-school punk's plan
to perpetuate retribution, perpetuate retribution"

Ryan Harvey
Phil Ochs
Wise Intelligent
Dave Lippman
Gil Scott-Heron
Bruce Cockburn
Welfare Poets
Stephan Smith
Beastie Boys

Sara Thomsen, "Is It For Freedom?" played on Democracy Now!
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Comienza La Vida Nueva
Quilapayun web site

english translation
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El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido

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